Giving: Stewardship of Treasure

A good steward is a conscious steward, understanding that freely giving to God and His church is a means to provide for the parish community, assist in the daily running of the facilities and to enable the continuing outreach work done here at Notre Dame.
There are many ways in which to be a Good Steward. Besides your time and talent, you can give of your treasure through your offering. A stewardship offering is one that returns the first and best portion of our financial blessing to the Lord. The National Catholic Stewardship Council defines the ideal stewardship offering as 10% of after-tax income distributed between the parish (5%), the diocese (1%) and other charities, including special improvement funds, tuition and contributions (4%).
Upon registering, you will receive envelopes within eight weeks. In the meantime, write your name and contribution amount on a plain envelope and place it in the collection basket. Your contribution will be recorded for end-of year tax purposes.
View our 2017 Annual Financial Statement here.

Ways to Give

Ways to Give While your generosity is deeply appreciated in any amount and at any time, a planned giving schedule greatly enhances our Parish's ability to budget its programs and prepare for the future. Stewardship is most effective when it follows a plan. There are several ways to give: 
  • Weekly or monthly envelope contributions.
  • E-Giving
  • Recurring monthly, quarterly, annual or other Credit Card Authorization of your Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
  • Monthly, yearly, quarterly or other Automatic Withdrawal from your checking or savings account.
Click here to download the Notre Dame Stewardship of Treasure Form

To help make it more convenient for you to financially support the parish, we offer an electronic payment option called E-Giving.
E-Giving is electronic giving through your checking account, credit or debit card. Through your authorization, you have the ease and assurance of your weekly, monthly contribution without using your envelopes and also benefit if you travel or do not want to use your checkbook weekly. If you have any questions, please call Colleen Barrett, 630.601.1758. Your donations will be credited to you for your yearly tax return.
Please prayerfully consider E-Giving. Sign up Today!
Material Donations

Throughout the year, Notre Dame conducts campaigns for specific ministries, requesting items such as food, clothing, toiletries, etc. We welcome this material donations and thank you for your generosity.




Can't Use Your Tickets? Use them to support Notre Dame!
Have you ever purchased tickets, maybe season tickets, and later realized you couldn't use them? Now you have a new, easy and beneficial option for those tickets! is an innovative ticket exchange website that allows you to donate your unused tickets for the benefit of Notre Dame. You simply post your tickets on and, when they sell, Notre Dame receive 100% of the proceeds and you receive a notice of your fully tax deductible donation.
Ticket buyers also benefit by dealing with the lowest cost tickets! Visit today. See our Notre Dame listing under "charities."
BricksMemorial Bricks

You can make an ordinary brick extraordinary by personalizing it with your name or the name of a loved one, to be placed in the walkways around the entrance and courtyard of Notre Dame Church.

Engraved red-colored 4"x8" bricks (pictured) will be incorporated into the design around the piazza pavers at the main entrance to the church, parish offices and school. Larger buff-colored bricks are 8"x8" and will be placed in the courtyard between O'Keefe Gathering, the Adoration Chapel and school.
4 x 8 BRICK - $100 EACH
8 x 8 BRICK - $250 EACH
Orders placed are usually installed in the Spring and Fall. See bricks in the church foyer and in the walkways. 
Click here to download the Brick Order Form.