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FAITH ALIVE 78: is an interactive 4-tiered​ Catechetical Program specifically designed for students Grades 7 & 8 which meets on Sundays: 1:00 - 2:15 from October to April. This program and these events are open to ALL 7th & 8th Grade students of our parish.


  The Coursework - done in the Sunday Sessions October thru April.

  The Service - done throughout the year with the student selecting a minimum of (2) events.

  The Enrichment - done in grade level retreats - 8th in November / 7th in February, as well as (2) Diocesan-wide JrH events

  "For the Parent" AND Teen - One hour special event and /or speaker designed expressly for our parents along side their teen

    covering topics that enhance the parent teen dialog on life and faith - these are requisite components as well.

    Each of these components and their specified events and activities are required components of the FA 78 Program.


The Coursework The FA78 coursework provides catechesis that is hands on, active, and fun! And there are no classrooms!

Through active learning the program teaches our Catholic faith by providing our JrH teens with a variety of activities, opportunities, and venues to explore our faith for themselves. Each class session is formatted to give hands-on opportunities to experience their faith personally and intentionally. Each week the JrH teen will be provided tangible ways to grow in their knowledge and understanding, while learning to share the faith together as community, enhance their personal prayer life, and connect more deeply with Jesus, and find their gifting within the life of the Church. 

The 7th grade curriculum “Encountering Jesus” focuses on the life and mission of Jesus culminating with the 7th graders presenting the ”Living Stations”  just before Easter for all the parish to enjoy and participate.

The 8th grade curriculum “Imitating Christ” focuses on topics of morality and the challenges of living our Catholic faith as a JrH teen and how the Sacraments strengthen and equip us to be followers of Christ, especially as they prepare to enter their High School years.


The Service:  The service events and activities are opportunities for the 7th & 8th grade students to share their faith, their time and talents with those in need. We start with service close to home and move to service which reaches to our local communities and into the world community! Each student will select two events (you may select more). See the Service Activity Calendar for the complete list of dates and times.


The Enrichment:  The Enrichment Activates are highly focused grade-specific events designed to expand and challenge the JrH teen not only in larger topics, but in larger venues. We start off our FA 78 year with our Diocesan Faith Day Celebration: Sunday October 1 – 1:30 – 4:30pm AND in the spring celebrate MARCH for Your Faith Day: Sunday March 4. These are area-wide ALL Diocesan (Joliet) ALL JrH events with special nationally ranked speakers, activities and fun just for our JrH teens!

The RETREATS - are facilitated by our Diocesan Young Adults Team that make the day rocking and relevant and give an awesome witness of living the faith!   Both our 7th & 8th Grade students will have a 1/2 day retreat designed specifically for their grade-level.  

8th Grade Retreat Sunday – November 6 – 10:00am – 4:00pm        7th Grade Retreat Sunday – February 26 – 10:00am – 4:00pm


FAITH ALIVE - FOR OUR PARENTS:  The "For the Parents" series is designed to support and encourage you, our parents, in your day-to-day journey both as a parent and as a fellow follower of Jesus Christ. We know the joys and challenges of raising JrH teens and parenting a teen in the truths of Our Catholic faith has its challenges.  The For Our Parents series provides a brief one hour special event and/or speaker designed to refresh you and equip you in your vocation as parents. These events are on a program day on which your child is already attending and you simply arrive an hour earlier than usual and enjoy a time to pause, refresh and be renewed.

We so look forward to seeing you at our "For the Parents" series:

2017   Oct 23, Nov 13, Dec 4     

2018  Jan 29, Feb 12, Mar 12 - All "For Our Parents" events are 1:00 - 2:15pm


We have an awesome year planned for your Jr. High teen ... Here is everything you need to get started!







Colleen Case

Director of Religious Education




Charlene Jain

Youth Ministry Director