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Faith and Family Mass



Here at Notre Dame Parish we truly believe:     “One body, one spirit in Christ”

This is our belief as Catholic Christians and what we profess at every Mass and this is what we at Notre Dame strive to put into practice. 


We believe that we celebrate Mass as a family and that our youth are an integral part of the parish family.

So it is in this sense of ‘family’ that we practice and invite our youth from all of our programs:

Religious Education, Notre Dame School and Home-school to participate in our ‘Faith and Family Mass’.


Each month our Faith and Family Mass is hosted by a particular grade level: Grades 3-6.

There are several roles in which the students will be asked by their teachers to participate:


  •   Welcoming Greeters 
  •   Children’s Choir Members  - (like to join Children's Choir) - Contact: Michael Keefe - Email:
  •   Altar Servers - (if your child is an altar server let us know so we can coordinate having them serve the Mass of their grade level)
  •   Lectors (Readers)
  •   Gift Bearers - students of that grade level
  •   Ushers
  •   Extraordinary Minister - Adults Only - (Would you like to become an Eucharistic Minister) 

                  Contact: Nena Lavoie - Email:





PARENTS: For the students who will be doing the readings please practice the readings with your child until they feel comfortable.


READERS: Rehearse speaking clearly, slowly, and with volume with face looking forward and not down to the lectionary or podium.


We will cover the rubrics of processing in, approaching the altar, etc. at the 9:00am preparation meeting the day of the Faith and Family Mass.




PARENTS:  Please have your child at church no later than 9:00 am so we may rehearse your child's role so they feel comfortable and calm.


We asked for you to plan to be part of the Mass as well:

  •   Pray for the gifts that God is using in your child to continue to grow.
  •   Be open to yourselves participating in a special role if needed.
  •   And most importantly talk about the Mass and unpack the special role they have just experienced.

 Know that we pray for each student and their families as we prepare together to celebrate Mass as ‘One in Christ’.





Our Faith and Family Masses - (FFM) are held on the first Sunday of each month at our 9:30 Mass.

We do not have Faith and Family Masses in the summer months nor September or January .


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