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To Grow we need to 'Go'! We need to engage our faith each and everyday! Each of us by virtue of our baptism is called to be ‘the one’ who brings the “Good News” to those we meet each and every day. And to do this well we must continue to grow deeper in our faith and in our relationship with Jesus himself. To that end we have developed a whole Family Faith  Formation component called:



 EXPLORE 4  utilizes the parish as its source for Learning | Service | Worship | Prayer and providing families daily opportunities to actively live as a disciple of Jesus. Its curriculum is the events found within our PARISH Life at large, which are active opportunities for being formed in the faith. Each of the events listed below are events that correspond to one of the four areas of faith life:  We Believe- Creed - We“Study it” | Christian Living (Service) - We “Live it” | Sacraments & Liturgy - We “Worship” | Christian Prayer - We “Pray it”.  Each of the events listed below are wonderful opportunities to experience being active in the faith as a family. Here are just some of the ways we will be growing in our faith:

This holistic approach is focused on forming ourselves and our children in the Catholic faith by a full and experiential participation in the life of the parish-at large-where you participate as a family!  We have an extremely active and growing parish. And the parish should be the place we come to be filled, renewed, restored, healed and equipped to take what we learn here out into our homes, our neighborhoods, our work places, our schools, and everywhere we go. It should be the first place we think of when we think of belonging, community, family and fellowship.  

Here are just a few of the events we will be exploring for 2018-2019


APLHA – How do I Live this Life?  (Sept 12) 

On Campus

Faith & Family Mass - 9:30Mass

1st Sunday of the Month

Feast of St Francis Pet Blessing (Oct 3)

On Campus

FIAT Family Mass & Pizza – Gr 5 & 6 (Sep 15)

Saturday Mass  

Women’s CHRP Retreat (Oct 19 &20)

On Campus

Dinner Dance (Nov 2)

Oakbrook Hilton

Parish Day of Service (Nov 10)

On Campus

Catholic Skills 101: Scripture  (TBA)

On Campus

Catholic Skills 101: Prayer (TBA)

On Campus

EXPLORE 4 - Family Faith Day | Advent Retreat (Dec 2 & Dec 4)

RE Program – Colleen Case

RE - Advent Reconciliation Service (Dec 11)


Children’s AdventBaby Jesus Birthday” (Dec)


Food Pantry | Thanksgiving & Christmas Drives

On Campus

Advent Tea (Dec)

On Campus

Feed My Starving Children (Sat - Jan 26)    

RE Program

RE Program – Colleen Case


EXPLORE 4 - Family Faith Day Lenten Retreat

(Feb 24 & 26)

RE Program – Colleen Case

Men’s CHRP Retreat (Mar 2)

On Campus

PARISH MISSION (Lent) -  (Mar 9-11)

Fr. Ryan Adorjan

RE - Lenten Reconciliation Service

(Mar 19)           


Living Stations of the Cross – (Apr 14 & 16)

RE Program - Gym

Holy Thursday Pilgrimage Church Tours

(Apr 18)

Various Churches

Movie Nights (TBA)


Vacation Bible School - (June 25-28, 2019)

On Campus

Parish Youth Mission Trips:


               High School Mission Trips (TBA)


               Jamaica Mission Trip (TBA)